Common questions

Common questions

I didn't find the product I wanted. What do I do?

Click here and tell us which product you are looking for. We will register it for you on our website and inform you as soon as it is available. This way you can enjoy full guarantee, security and ease of import. If the product is not permitted for shipping, we will send you a message.

What is Glinpay?

Glinpay is our payments partner. If you select Glinpay for payment, we will send a link to your email or phone. With this link, you can make payment via bank slip, PIX, or any national credit card, in up to 12 installments (on the card) paying only 0.38% IOF, and the commercial dollar exchange rate - which is lower than the tourist dollar , used for international card brands.

How do I pay with Elo?

Just select Glinpay at checkout, and we will send you a link, and you can use the Elo card, or any other national card.

Is it worth it with such a high dollar?

Even though the dollar is high, it's worth it because the price difference between Brazil and the USA is very big. Even paying tax and shipping, the price is still lower than buying in Brazil.

What taxes will I have to pay?

For imports by individuals, using their CPF, the import corresponds to 60% of the purchase value + shipping. ICMS is also charged according to the state you are in Brazil.

Our service includes the payment of all taxes at the time of purchase, so you don't need to worry about declarations to the IRS, and you will receive your product at home, without any headaches.

What are my shipping options?

With Graviola Shop your shipping options are:

USPS Priority International Parcel

UPS Worldwide Expedited Order

UPS Worldwide Economy Order

USPS Priority International Express Parcel

DHL Worldwide Express Parcel

What happens if I don't receive my purchase? Or if it arrives damaged?

Graviola Shop is insured by Liberty Mutual Seguros. Any problem that happens with the merchandise, we will cover the amount paid.